Skin Tag Removal - £50
Thread Vein Removal - £50
Millia Removal - £35
Digital/Microblading Permenent Cosmetics - £300
Electrolysis £20 (15min session)
Depilex Physique Inch Loss £35 (20min session)
Ear Piercing £25

What is a Millia?

A small, hard, pale keratinous nodule formed on the skin, typically by a blocked sebaceous gland. Milia appear as 1–2 mm white-to-yellow, dome-shaped bumps that are not painful or itchy. The most common locations for primary milia include around the eyes, cheeks, nose, and forehead in adults and infants.

As with any skin lesion being removal, you may experience the following:

  • Discomfort – An anaesthetic will be applied to the skin lesion and the area surrounding it, in order to ensure comfort. However, some pain may be felt during and after the procedure, which is natural and should subside with time.
  • Infection – Although it’s rare, an infection may occur where the skin procedure was performed
  • Pigment changes – As the area heals, it may be the case that the area becomes lighter or darker. Usually, pigment changes are temporary, it can be part of the healing process but rarely may be permanent.
  • Scarring – As the skin’s surface is being disrupted, scarring may occur. To minimise the chance of scarring, it is important that post treatment guidelines are followed.

What is a Skin Tag?

A skin tag is a small, common skin growth occurring anywhere on the body. They are common on the neck, armpits, eyelids and under the breasts. Some skin tags can grow larger over time, and this can be an irritating problem.

What is a Thread Vein?

Thread veins are extremely common and completely harmless but frequently embarrassing. They are tiny twisted red blood vessels that run close to the surface of the skin making them visible. Also known as spider veins due to their cobweb like appearance, as well as broken veins; however the veins are not actually broken, only slightly enlarged, known medically as telangiectasia. The most common areas of the body to experience thread veins is on the face and legs. While both men and women can be affected by thread veins they are far more prevalent in women. By their 40s nearly half of all women will be affected, and they become increasingly more common as we age.


I was made to feel very comfortable and everything was explained to me every step of the way. I extremely pleased with the thread vein treatment.
Anthea Walker - North Yorkshire